Year 3 – Week 5 – Keep your Eye on the Ball

cricket-150561_640         Good morning Readers and Welcome!

I thought this was most appropriate considering that we have just had the finals of the Cricket World Cup series.  May I see congratulations to Australia and New Zealand for reaching the finals and congrats to Australia on their victory.  I am not a cricket lover by any stretch of the imagination but somehow watching a World Cup and supporting one’s country changes one’s opinion slightly.

During all this cricket and becoming quite the couch expert what I noticed was that if a player takes their eye of the ball even for a second they lose the opportunity they may have had in “outing” the opposition.  So many, many close calls but a close call is as good as a big, fat, missed opportunity and doesn’t count when one is keeping score.

How many times haven’t we taken our eyes off the ball, so to speak, in our little businesses?    The Cambridge Dictionary Online defines “keep your eye on the ball” as follows:  to give your attention to what you are doing at the time.

I googled the expression “keep your eye on the ball” and all the references came back to cash flow and income & expenditure.  Yes, it is important to keep our eye on our finances (hello?) but it is also important to give our full attention to each client and each aspect of the brief we are working on.    It is just as important to give attention to our opposition.  How many VA’s are in your area?  Do you meet up with them to find out what they are up to either on line or in person?  Are your rates over or under inflated?  Is your marketing plan working out and if not, why not?   What about your website – is it current?  You won’t believe how many times I call a number from a website and it doesn’t work or belongs to another company.  I just move on and try someone else.  Again – another missed opportunity.

The thing about cricket is it’s so unpredictable and sometimes it is hard to tell which side is going to win or lose and the end result is often down to the wire.  Never, ever give up.  Believe in yourself and believe that when you started your business you started out for the right reasons i.e. to be a SUCCESS.

Let’s try to keep focussed and in the game.  To succeed this is crucial.

“So, see every opportunity as golden, and keep your eyes on the prize – yours, not anybody else’s.”  Roberta Flack

See you on line,

Katlyn Virtual Assistants
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