Year 2 – Week 52 – What lessons can be learned from 2 years of Blogging?

frankfurt-wreath-609642_640        Good morning Readers and Welcome!

Today we are CELEBRATING two years of this blog with a big, fat cake!!!!  Please eat a piece for me as I am unable to eat cakes with cream and all those delicious unhealthy ingredients.

I think that two years of blogging is quite a journey and a milestone and so today I would like to tell you what I have learned about blogging over this time.

  • Write from your heart
  • Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers
  • Write because you enjoy it and not because it’s the right or fashionable thing to do
  • Don’t stop writing or become demotivated if your reader base is not as high as you would like it to be
  • Ensure you know your reason for blogging i.e. enjoyment or financial
  • Determine how often you want to blog and when and then stick to the timetable. If you are unable to blog for some or other reason, put a note onto your blog site and explain to the readers.  They are quite understanding.

I have learned loads of things during these 2 years and blogging started out for me as a way to learn WordPress.  I soon discovered a love for writing that I didn’t know I had and what’s more it came easily to me!  I’ve never had to spend more than half an hour on a blog from writing to publishing.  For me blogging is a cathartic experience and I actually don’t mind whether I have one reader or 1000 readers.  All I care about is helping one person at a time.  If the new VA’s or seasoned demotivated VA’s have had new life breathed into them to carry on with their business or start up their own business, then I consider my blog a success.

I would like to thank each and every one of you MOST SINCERELY for supporting me during this time and letting me know whether you enjoyed or did not enjoy a blog.  Your comments have meant a lot to me.  I have received loads of emails from readers that have not been published as the emails were sent to me privately but I have kept them and when I get a bit “down” I re-read them.  My blog has been read by hundreds of people over the 2 years representing 26 countries.  Thank you for your support!  Please keep your comments rolling as they are appreciated.

Let’s raise a glass to Two Years of Blogging!  Cheers!!

See you on line,

Katlyn Virtual Assistants
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