Year 2 – Week 38 – Dream It. Do It.


man-446668_640           Good morning and Welcome!


As you know for weeks and a couple of months now I have been writing about the building work at my house.  Since I moved to my house at the end of May I’ve been living with unpacked boxes and in total chaos.  If you have an organised personality then living with chaos pushes all sorts of buttons that you didn’t know existed.   Moving into a house with builders banging away, dust, sand, cement, paint, varnish and other odious smells takes frustration to a whole new level.  If you’ve ever had this experience or if you ever undertake building work in the future you will appreciate what I am saying.  When you look in the mirror and don’t recognise yourself then you know it’s bad.

Excellent news!  The cupboards are installed and the unpacking can begin so I WILL be unpacked by Christmas.  I have a feeling that the builders may be finished by mid November.  Two people have said to me:  “This too shall pass” and I wanted to smack both people unconscious with frustration but I can say that it is true.

Everything is relative.  When I look around and watch the news on TV or read the newspapers the world is in chaos and so many people are suffering and their normal lives are a distant memory.  The recent epidemic of Ebola is an example.  So many families wiped out – who would have thought that in the days of modern medicine such a thing could happen?

No, this isn’t a philosophy lesson (grin) and I have climbed off my soapbox.  As a new V.A. and small business owner or as a seasoned V.A. who has walked a long road and is feeling disheartened I can say to you with authority:  “Things will get better.  You need to stay positive.  Fix your VISION on the end result and work towards it.”  I have been a V.A. now for nearly three years and the ups and downs are part and parcel of the journey.   It is important to never lose sight of your goals and aspirations and why you went into business.  Try and harness some of that initial energy and confidence.  Try to harness your initial vision for your business.

“Dream It.  Do It.”

If you can dream it you can do it.   ~Walt Disney 

See you on line,

P.S.  All comments and observations are welcome and appreciated.

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