Year 2 – Week 35 – Are you up the creek without a paddle?  Help is available.


canoe-310021_640      Good morning & welcome!

During this week I have read quite a few threads about V.A.’s who are starting out, have a clear idea in their minds of what their business models should be with respect to websites, marketing etc.  When the newbies look around at what other V.A.’s are doing they are confused about the direction of their own business on all fronts.  To those new V.A.’s I say:  “Trust yourselves.  Trust your instincts and gut feeling about your business”.  This does not mean that you should not do research, invest in graphic designers to design the best possible logo, invest in a website expert to design the best possible website or invest in working with a mentor.  All these things are really important.  Surround yourself with an excellent support team.  I have an accountant, website expert, graphic designer and an attorney that are available to me.  These services cost a dime or two but it is worth it for peace of mind.  We aren’t all experts at everything.  I’ve touched on this in an earlier blog post in Year 1, Week 46 – “You can’t do it Alone”.  The link is:

In Year 1 Week 36 I wrote a blog post called “Who do you Listen To?”   The link is:
I am part of four Facebook groups that are invaluable to me as I connect with like-minded people who are there to offer advice, encouragement and support.  It is important to be part of a group and to connect with people that walking the road you are walking.  I can highly recommend “Virtual Tribe”, “Reach Your Goals”, “Your Special Virtual Assistant” and “Virtual Assistant Hub”.  I am not saying that the other groups aren’t worthwhile but the groups I’ve mentioned are the groups that have given me loads of support.

Why am I rehashing old blog posts?  New V.A.’s are starting their own businesses each day and by what I’ve seen quite a few    are overwhelmed.  I don’t offer coaching or mentoring at this stage but there are excellent mentors and coaches available to help you and through personal experience I know that they are worth every dime.  If you find yourself up the creek without a paddle, get some help.    Someone will be there to tow you in or give you a pair of paddles to use.

Happy paddling!

See you on line,

Katlyn Virtual Assistants
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