Year 2 – Week 30 – Let’s grow our Wings!

Great Egret in Flight

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Good morning Readers and welcome.  As always, your comments and observations are welcome and encouraged!!

I’ve been looking through all the blog posts from the beginning.  Those early days were SO exciting!  A new business, new routine, freedom of choice, setting up systems … so fired up!   Didn’t you feel as though you had a pair of wings?  I know I did.  I crash-landed when I realised that my business was proving to be successful (funny but true)!

Nearly 3 years on, certain things stay the same.  My morning routine used to be:  “Shower, dress, make-up and off to my corner in the lounge”.   Now it’s “Shower, dress, no make-up and off to my little office”!   The firing up takes more effort but happens after reading a few motivations, systems are set up and working and the business is no longer “new”.  What happened to the wings?

We tend to fly when we start moving and this involves setting goals.  Goal-setting and growth go together as we well know.  Questions such as:  “Am I moving in the direction I want to go?”  “Does my website reflect my business and do it justice?”  “Is the time I spend on Social Media doing the job its supposed to or am I wasting my time?”  “Is blogging something that is helping my business?”  The big question is:  “Does my bottom line reflect the effort I have put in to my business?”

All pretty obvious questions but questions that need to be asked and answered.

So I challenge you as I challenge myself:

Is your Business where you want it to be?  Maybe it’s time to grow our wings again.  They worked beautifully the first time, why not now?

Coco Chanel says it beautifully:
“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”  ― Coco Chanel

See you on line,

Katlyn Virtual Assistants
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