Year 2 – Week 27 – Accountability begins with me!

Accountability breeds response-ability.

Stephen Covey

Good morning and Welcome!  This week I joined a new Facebook Group called “Reach Your Goals” which is run by Francis van Wyk of Create Client Chemistry who was my marketing mentor for about 5 months.  During this time Francis and I worked diligently on marketing strategies etc and I must say I have missed having a mentor.  Since I joined the new group a week ago, we are already holding one another accountable.  At the beginning of the week we write down what our goals for the week are which could be anything from learning a new language to marketing.  At the end of the week we again write down whether the goals were achieved or not.

This morning, I emphatically stated that I had achieved “nothing” in terms of my goals at the beginning of the week.  At the beginning of this week I wanted to make contact with 10 new prospects via letter or email and then follow up at the end of the week with a phone call and possibly an appointment.  Instead of that I had a broken tooth so had to run around finding a new dentist (new town = new dentist = stress), the building work has been tiresome and I’ve been dodging paint smells as I am allergic to paint (even though the painting wasn’t supposed to have started yet!) and finally two of my existing clients kept me quite busy.   This afternoon – well this afternoon was another story.

I vacated this house due to the paint fumes and went into Hermanus for lunch and to see the whales that are busy calving at the moment.   Then I had a meeting with a company who are putting in burglar doors.  Guess what!  The representative that we saw is busy chasing his tail so I gave him my business card and he is really interested in my VA business on the Admin side.  Just when I thought Admin VA’s were dinosaurs, here I find someone in the course of my normal day, who needs an Admin VA.  What do you think of that?  Personally I’m stoked.

If I wasn’t part of a group right now at this point in time that was focussed on reaching their goals I probably wouldn’t have given the company representative a second thought.  At the moment I am eating, sleeping and dreaming marketing and each person I meet is another potential client.  The buck to increase my client base and also my income stops and starts with me.

I learned in an extremely hard way that the accountability falls with me.

Stephen Baldwin

See you on line,

Katlyn Virtual Assistants
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