Year 2 – Week 23 – If Worry was a tree, it would bear no fruit

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them have never happened.” 
 Mark Twain

In my first year of blogging I wrote a post called “Why Worry” (Week 51).  I told you not to worry and that worrying was bad for your health.    If “worry” was a tree it would bear no fruit at all.  Recently I’ve taken a book out of the Library called “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie.  I wish this book had found me loooooooooonnng ago but it didn’t.  If someone told me a year ago not to worry and that I could kill myself worrying I think I would have wanted to hit them.  I suggest very strongly that you try and obtain a copy of the book if you are a compulsive worrier (like I used to be).  I am probably being cheeky as so far I’ve read only 3 chapters but the material is so exciting and relevant that I have to share a few points with you.

Dale Carnegie says the following which I have put into my own words but the material comes directly from his book:

1.       Live each day to its fullest and compartmentalise your worries/concerns into present, past and future.  Eliminate the past and future and live in the present.

2.       Willis H Carrier had a magic formula that goes like this and I quote  (a)  Ask yourself, “What is the worst that can possibly happen if I can’t solve my problem?” (b) Prepare yourself mentally to accept the worst (c) Then calmly try to improve upon the worst – which you have already mentally agreed to accept.

3.       Because worrying makes you sick, health costs can be extremely expensive and there is a possibility that you could die at a young age (scary but true).

I have paid the price of worrying over a 3 year period with health issues which may or may not have been a direct result of worrying.  Worrying for me stopped the day before yesterday and I can’t tell you what a big burden has lifted off my shoulders.

Worry paralyses one into inactivity.  As a result of my calm state of mind, I have, in addition to routine work, made an appointment with a possible new client next week, have done cold calling, sent out marketing letters and made contact with existing clients.  Not bad for a week’s work.  (Remember I have just moved and my client base is 150 kms away and as not all my work is virtual, I have to grow my business in my new town).

I wish you a wonderful worry-free week filled with exciting opportunities.

“How would your life be different if…You stopped worrying about things you can’t control and started focusing on the things you can? Let today be the day…You free yourself from fruitless worry, seize the day and take effective action on things you can change.” 
 Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

See you on line,

Katlyn Virtual Assistants
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