Year 2 – Week 22 – More on Adaptability

“One way only is no way” – (West Africa- Malinké)

Week 16 of Year 1 touched on Adaptability and I am going to write about it again today.  (To view that blog post you may visit and click on “blog”).

Fotosearch image k0397089

In Africa we have a tree called the Baobab.  One of our indigenous people, the Bushmen, believed that they had offended God and that God had therefore planted the tree upside down.  The baobab tree has its roots facing the sky.  It is an incredible tree with remarkable properties.  The baobab tree’s flowers bloom at night and most of the tree from the fruit i.e. pollen, seeds, leaves and trunk has a use.  I am not intending to give you a botany lesson but want to illustrate the fact that this particular tree is extremely adaptable.  If it interests you there is information at this website:

We need to be adaptable as a small business owner and in our case Virtual Assistants.  Often we start on our journey only to change course somewhere along the way.  We need to adapt our knowledge together with our talents into a usable service that is wanted by our target market.   At the moment I am in a process of change and am being taught how to adapt both to my new environment which involves a change of climate as well as social change and then, of course, changes in my business.  This can prove quite challenging but if we are like reeds that bend in the wind it is easier to adapt than a solid old tree whose branches are snapped off by strong winds.  Adaptability, adaptability, adaptability  …. this word is key to survival.

“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” ― Confucius

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