Year 2 – Week 18 – It’s not just macaroni & cheese

Good morning Readers and welcome!

Thought I would let you know that I have moved and am in my new home.  It is all my worst nightmares rolled in to one!   I have moved onto a building site.  For those of you who have never experienced living in a house and doing alterations at the same time, I don’t recommend it.  So … we have very little place to unpack and are living with about 100 boxes.  We’ve managed to unpack about 11 so far.  Now we wait for the builders to finish.  We have no oven as the gas has been disconnected, our little stove couldn’t fit into the car (which was filled to capacity) and it turns out our fridge has said “amen”.  Apart from that, the wind has been blowing non-stop (apparently normal for this time of the year) and as the garden has been demolished by the building sand, the building sand is blowing into and onto everything.  Moan, moan, moan …..

Inbetween this chaos I have something incredible to tell you.  I was sitting at a restaurant eating a toasted sandwich for lunch and I thought how much I would like macaroni and cheese for supper.  I am no good at cooking but one thing I can make is macaroni and cheese but without a stove it was impossible to make it.  I could see the mac & cheese, smell it and taste it.  I went to Woolworths to buy myself some soup for supper and was sitting down to eat it when the phone rang.  My aunt who lives in the area phoned to say she has made some supper for us and would like to bring it around.  Guess what it was?  Yes, I kid you not;  MACARONI & CHEESE!    Can you believe that?

The morale of this little story is if I can conjure up macaroni & cheese just by thinking about it, this principle can be applied to generating clients!!!    This principle is the “Law of Attraction” and we can explore it further next week.

For the next week I challenge you and also challenge myself to meditate in any way that is comfortable to you about attracting so many new clients that we would need to employ fellow V.A.’s to cope with the workload.  What do you think about that?

“Like attracts like.

Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes.
the subconscious identically creates.”

~ Brian Adams (from ‘How To Succeed’) 

See you on line,

Katlyn Virtual Assistants
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