Year 2 – Week 1 – New Expectations

2014 – WOW – it seems like yesterday that we were celebrating the Millenium.

Complements of the Season to you all – may 2014 bring you blessings and joy beyond your wildest expectations.

A new year always brings with it new expectations.  Are you one of those people that create New Year Resolutions and generally by day 2 of the new year have broken at least half of them?  I gave up on New Year Resolutions many, many years ago.  I did not, however, give up on setting GOALS and having DREAMS and creating PLANS for the year ahead.

As you know, I was in hospital with emergency surgery on the 20th of November last year.   I started a bit of work at the beginning of December due to necessity but was really most uncomfortable.  I was informed that the recovery period was at least six weeks so I took leave from the 13th of December until the 13th of January.  The last time I had one month’s leave was probably when I went overseas in 1984!!!   During that time I was in a cell phone “dead” zone and had no internet.  Although I was panicky at first, it proved to be the best thing possible.  No phone.  No internet. ….. Can you hear the silence?  Bliss …..

My days were spent reading, sleeping and swimming.  Due to the heat I swam after 5 in the afternoons but at our beaches this is the best time of the day.  Without sun protection, one still gets sunburnt (yes, truly) and the crowds of people are starting to leave the beach.   Sitting on a rock, contemplating the sea, watching it move constantly is extremely therapeutic.   Bad thoughts leave (negativity, self-doubt, critical spirit etc) and are replaced with good thoughts (“anything is possible”;  “I know I can”;  “this is going to be a good year”) and gradually one’s spirit returns to that place of p – e – a – c – e!

What is the point of this blog?  I’ll sum it up for you!

If you are tired, fed up and maybe burnt out or even sick, TAKE A BREAK!  To have “new expectations” and we have a lovely word here is South Africa, “voema´ you need to be at peace with yourself.  Earl Nightingale sums it up perfectly in the quote below.

The year 2014 has started with quite a bang and I have been busy each day (not with admin but client work)!  If the rest of the year carries on like this …. well let’s just say ….. “WATCH THIS SPACE”!

Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.
Earl Nightingale

See you on line,

Katlyn Virtual Assistants
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