Week 48 – Do you have a flat battery?

Motivation is a motor. If it doesn’t start, you’re not going anywhere.  Ritu Ghatourey quotes 

So, picture this scenario.  Quickly need to go somewhere in the car so .. you guessed it .. the car is as dead as a dodo.  No sign of life at all.  Not even a little squeak.  Fume first then fear as in “if it’s the battery, what will the cost be?”  Then resignation.  The car needs fixing so let’s do a few tests.   First things first.  Maybe the immobiliser is faulty.  So a friend takes me up to the shopping centre where the immobiliser is tested – nothing wrong.  Home again.  Phone the garage.  “Try the hooter – if it doesn’t work then it’s the battery”.  OK.  It’s the battery.  Phone a 24/7 “battery guy” and he comes through and probably has the most expensive batteries for sale but now it’s after hours so we have no choice as the car needs to be used first thing the next morning.  What’s the lesson(s) in this?

Well as the quote above says – if your motor doesn’t start, you’re not going anywhere!  Don’t you love that?  We need to be motivated at all times to run a successful business.  No motivation = no business!  As soon as we lose our spark, we lose our motivation and our business suffers as a result.

The big question is “how does one keep motivated?”  Please go and have a look at Week 9 as I touch on it briefly.  Next week’s blog is going to go into more detail about keeping one’s mojo and staying motivated.

Nobody got anywhere in the world by simply being content.
Louis L’Amour

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