Week 34 – VA’s are personal Genie’s

Good morning Readers and welcome!

Well, Wimbledon has come and gone and life has settled down to normal, or has it?  A broken car, an inflamed optic nerve, a MRI ….. I wouldn’t say that it is quite normal.  I would say jinxed is more like it.  So when the going gets tough, one has to have some form of escape.  In this case it was the animated movie Aladdin.   I am positive you have all read or seen the movie.  You have to agree that it is a wonderful concept.  Imagine having a personal genie to grant you three wishes – whatever you want, you can have!

In fact, a friend of mine was talking about the genie in the bottle this weekend.  We are in fact the “genie” to our clients.

“I need these invoices done urgently please.”  DONE.

Please sort out these outstanding payments.  I need the money urgently.”  DONE.

“I have an urgent report to by typed.  It’s so last-minute but I need it today, please.”  DONE.

If I was a client, I would love to have a personal genie to cater to my every whim and need!  If any potential clients are perhaps reading this … wake up …. we (V.A.’s) are your personal genie’s!  You only have to ask and it will be done!!

See you on line,

P.S.  What I love about Aladdin is that apart from true love prevailing against all odds, that the genie is freed from living in his “bottle”.

Freedom is from within.
Frank Lloyd Wright

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