Week 25 – Don’t get down, Get Up!

Good morning Readers and welcome!

Thank you for your positive response to last week’s blog post.  A Facebook friend recommended a FREE e-book that I downloaded and read.  I would like to recommend it to you as it has loads of interesting ideas relating to last week’s post on “Fear”.  The e-book is called “The Flinch”  by Julien Smith.

Practising what one preaches is not such an easy thing to do.  Reading books and doing “mentally” is really easy but the challenge is putting the new-found knowledge into practise.

Another friend (yes I do have a few!) said to me:  “Don’t get down, get up”.  After eating my breakfast cereal that had a cup of tears added to it, I went to my computer and there was the email:  “Don’t get down, get up”.  I realised how stupid I was being, suddenly motored into action and attacked my marketing with a vengeance.  So the day started off with tears and ended up with a great feeling of satisfaction.   (As you would have gathered by now, my present dilemma is to do with marketing and expanding my existing client base)!!

There is a song called “Get Up Get Down” by Itchy Poopzkid (I kid you not)!  Here are some of the lyrics:

Will you go on like this or be aware
The grass is never greener over there

Get up, get up, get up – you’re hearts are beating
Get down, get down, get down and keep breathing
you’re fine as long as you are believing
It’s all there just go and take it
Live your life before you waste it

See you on line,

P.S.  I have added a new contact form – hopefully if you don’t have a WordPress account it won’t matter so please leave comments.  I love reading them and respond to each one.

Katlyn Virtual Assistants
Website: http://www.katlyn.co.za
Facebook Business page: http://www.facebook.com/KatlynVirtualAssistants

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