Week 19 – Rebirth and Renewal

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Easter and Passover both symbolize rebirth and renewal.  This is a wonderful time of the year to indulge a bit in introspection.  It is quite a shocking reality to think that we are a quarter of the way through the year!  So  … here goes …. (I am answering honestly as well):

Are you happy with the point your business is at right now?  (No)!
Have you set targets and are you on track with them?  (Yes, and I am not)!
Do you have an action plan in place to put you back on track?  (Yes)!
Are we using time profitably?  (Mmmm …. no).

There are loads more questions of this nature we could be answering, but this is a blog post, not a book, but we get the general idea.  Either we are being too hard on ourselves or we are not where we should be in terms of targets, goals and our marketing and business plans.  Easter is a WONDERFUL time of the year to re-group, re-think and re-energise for the next quarter.  Hopefully when we take stock of our business again, it is back on track.

As you celebrate Easter, May you be blessed with Peace and Happiness… Happy Easter.
For the Jewish readers, Kosher and Happy Passover.

Due to next week being Easter Monday there will be no blog post – the next one will be the 8th of April.

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Katlyn Virtual Assistants
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