Good morning and welcome Readers.   Thanks for the comments – they are appreciated!

Well talk about ducking and diving around all the curved balls that I am swotting frantically this morning!  I had the whole day planned.  The plumber was coming around at 10 am together with my Mom (who is helping me with ironing as I have tendonitis in my shoulder) and I was going to spend the morning in a relaxed fashion.  I knew I had two sets of minutes and some invoices to do but that’s a breeze … right?   Wrong ……………

The plumber arrived at 9:15 (my Mom was on time) and apart from the minutes and invoices, there were queries, amendments to the minutes and then an 18 page schedule.   Then inbetween there are phone calls and ALL OF A SUDDEN WE ARE FRANTICALLY BUSY!   You see, that’s the name of the game.  We have to be ADAPTABLE.   Apart from fixed appointments we may have with regular clients, we never know what gets thrown at us during the course of our day.

Adaptability is key!!!

Wikipedia defines adaptability as follows:  (It is a fairly long explanation and I have taken out the relevant bit).

“According to Andresen and Gronau [1] adaptability in the field of organisational management can in general be seen as an ability to change something or oneself to fit to occurring changes. In ecology, adaptability has been described as the ability to cope with unexpected disturbances in the environment.”

This is short and sweet as I am VERY BUSY TODAY!!!!!!!!   (About time …..)

See you on line,

Katlyn Virtual Assistants
Website: http://www.katlyn.co.za
Facebook Business page: http://www.facebook.com/KatlynVirtualAssistants

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