Week 14 – Who are we working with?

Good morning and welcome Readers. To the new visitors, thank you for taking the time to visit this blog!

In last week’s blog post I said I would let you know whether I had a new client or not! Well, I met with him and he may be interested – I’m still working on it!

Owning one’s own business is not just about selling our product or providing a service, it’s about understanding our clients. Who would have thought we would have to be psychologists as well? The thing is, when meeting with prospective clients we have to take the time to really UNDERSTAND what they are needing from us and apart from that we need to UNDERSTAND how they would want to work with us. Are they one of the following personality types:

If we understand what our personality type is then we might recognise the personality trait of our prospective or existing clients and provide them with a service that they will be ecstatic with. Imagine this scenario.

We have an Analytical client. I don’t think I need to spell out what that means. We can’t approach this client in an excitable manner with an armful of new ideas that we are “over the moon” about because he just won’t get it! If he was “Expressive” then that would work a whole lot better. An analytical client would need to be hit from this year to the next millenium with new ideas laid out in the form of research with timetables, action plans, schedules and the more information he received the happier he would be. An Expressive person would be quite happy with the “over the moon” ideas that make us feel so good and can’t he feel it too? (Slight exaggeration here)!

It is quite interesting to determine your personality type so that you know yourself and in this way are able to deal with others more effectively. There is loads of research about this on and off line but have a look at this link for fun: http://bretthard.in/2012/06/The-4-personality-types/

See you on line,

P.S. We are such complex people and this blog post is not meant to simplify things – nothing is ever simple. (Yes, I am Analytical)! But I am Expressive as well … you work it out!!!

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