Week 13 – Back to Basics

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog – I appreciate the comments and feedback!
Good morning!

Back to basics.

Yes, you all know the routine by now – Shower, dress, make-up, breakfast and off to the corner in the lounge!! We are learning so many things about owning our own business. So many A-ha moments. The thing is no matter how well run the office is, no matter how many systems are put into place, at the end of the month there needs to be money in the bank!! A VA does not sell a product; we sell ourselves (no I didn’t mean it that way)! We are offering a service and to earn money we need Clients! Oh dear … the million dollar question that so many people have written about … and there is no quick-fix.

Most of us have a network of friends and family we can draw from initially. But what if we don’t? What if the only one who believes in your business is YOU? Well, that becomes slightly more tricky! What if you don’t like talking to strangers? What if you have put yourself onto the road to failure instead of success? Yes, I know these questions are all blogs in themselves and again the subject of many published motivational books.

I want to tell you about my week.

I have an inherent fear of talking to strangers about my business. Each day, I recite a mantra which goes like this: “I love talking to people about my business. My business is a great success. I am excellent at marketing”. Guess what? (I’m serious). Just this week, I’ve spoken to 2 people about my business and both were quite interested and receptive about what I was saying. And IT WASN’T HARD! How often do we have preconceived ideas about what we can or can’t do?

Watch this space …. I will let you know next week whether I have a new client or not! (Seriously)!!

See you on line,

Katlyn Virtual Assistants
Website: http://www.katlyn.co.za
Facebook Business page: http://www.facebook.com/KatlynVirtualAssistants

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